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Aadva Implant System

The Aadva implant system is optimized with regard to modern synergies of implant prosthetics and CAD/CAM technology. The high‐quality product range allows you to treat all implant cases. All components comply with the latest state‐of‐the‐art technology and represent GC’s uncompromising commitment to quality, based on decades of research and expertise in the area of dental materials.In this way, GC makes its contribution to 21st century health care.


Welcome to our advanced CAD/CAM Production Centre where we can deliver tailor made implant supported constructions for most commonly used implant brands, as well as restorations on natural teeth.

Our open system approach can handle even the most sophisticated cases.

Whether you deliver a physical model to start off with, or an STL file for a full digital workflow, the end result will meet all your expectations, including timely delivery.

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