Aadva Lab Scan

Impressive scan accuracy…
at the speed of light

Digital technology made easy with GC’s high-end lab scanner

Digital dentistry is around for a few years now, and many dental technicians consider stepping into a digital workflow. The approach opens up the possibilities with regards to materials, techniques and indications. And last but not least, evidence also shows that you can significantly reduce your production cost because this approach allows you to improve your overall processes.


Are you also willing to go for a change also?


Then the time is right, because with the GC Aadva high-end lab scanner we can offer you an approach that offers precision and an array of workflow options at the speed of light.

The GC Aadva Lab Scan is a fully automated lab scanner using the most recent projection and measurement technology.
Let this high-end lab scanner surprise you with its ‘scan – design – share’ approach that can be tailored to fit your needs and preferences.

Welcome to modern dentistry with the GC Aadva digital system …
a new world of advanced materials, tools and possibilities
to make your entrance in modern dentistry effortless.

The Aadva Lab Scan …
impressive scan accuracy
at the speed of light

It all starts with a high end dual camera system with structured blue led light. The output is a set of scan data with the highest precision allowing a perfect & passive fit of all your prosthetics…. From ingle crowns to the most complicated screw retained implant structures.

Gypsum model with preparation

Gypsum model with Scanflags


  • Adaptive scan speed
    • the velocity you need based on the restoration process
    • reduced scan time by 50% and reduced manual errors
    • post processing time goes down by around 35%
  • Automatic recognition whether an individual implant or bridge restoration is required
  • Automatic selection of a rotation or anti-rotation implant connection
  • Scanning of most of the silicon impressions
  • Direct link with the Aadva IOS, GC’s intra-oral scanner for better integration with dental offices

All in one thanks to a number of accessories: impression holder, multi die holder, wax up frame and much more.

Save scanning time
and gain unsurpassed precision
with the unique scan flags

The unique dots pattern recognizes in no time not only the position of the implant, but also type & brand and attributes this immediately to the virtual model. This technique eliminates the taking of multiple scans and the matching with a scan body library needed when working with the classical scan bodies. 

To achieve maximum results, a number of accessories for different indications is available, including the patented Aadva Lab Scan scan flags with unique dot code system that are optimizing the scan performance of implant supported constructions on most used implant systems.

The sleek, contemporary styling of the scanner looks elegant but feels solid. It is designed with smooth surfaces, with as little as possible corners or angles, even at the back side and the wide opening allows for an easy access.

The Aadva Lab Scan …
Intuitive and evolving design
at the speed of light

At a glance:

  • Variety of design features with automatic tooth proposals
  • Automated virtual articulation tool
    • Fully automated process for occlusion alignments
  • Advanced model builder
  • Multi-tooth chained symmetrical mirroring
  • Extensive implant bar library And it goes without saying that the system is ready for all the next innovations

When you choose the GC Aadva Lab Scan, you choose a complete open system.
The scanner is equipped with AADVA Dental CAD powered by Exocad®,
the modern tool for every dental technician who wants to maximise digital dental solutions.
 AADVA Dental CAD is reliable, robust and evolving with new applications on a regular base.
 It is made by dental technicians … for dental technicians.

The AADVA Dental CAD Standard Software Pack contains all necessary modules to be able to design all types of crowns and bridges and bars. For implant supported prosthetics you can rely on a library with most popular implant types. The accessories needed for these indications are included as well.

But the software can also grow with your needs. The AADVA Dental CAD 2.0 Advanced Software Pack offers you the software modules and accessories that will allow you to work with a virtual articulator, to create splints, provisional crowns, design digitally printed models and many more.

But there is more …
The GC Aadva Digital Services Platform …
Connect and share at the speed of light

GC’s approach to modern dentistry goes further than just scan & design. We also offer you a way to share.
With the GC Aadva Digital Services Platform it is you who decides how and with whom you work...
thanks to
our complete open system. You have the freedom to control your workflow.

  • Integrated digital solution with connectivity
    • to 3rd party milling centres
    • to our GC Aadva IOS intra-oral scanner for the dentist
  • Support and training
  • Interactivity user

The GC Aadva Digital Services Platform can be a great help to you since it supports and facilitates communication with the GC production and service teams, but also with all open milling centres. The ability to interface with existing equipment allows laboratories to apply their preferred business strategy.

  • Secured exchange platform for case evaluation
  • Possibility to forward cases to registered 3rd party labs and their services
  • Transfer and storage of cases scanned
  • Track & trace of all your cases, account management, device management and support management
  • Messaging center and knowledge management and information about new products, promotions, events etc.

Intuitive from the beginning

A modern workflow that allows you to be faster and more efficient when planning, preparing and producing your prosthetics.

Our customer Care

  • Support and training specialists in the countries
  • Training programmes at the GC Europe Campus in Leuven Belgium and on-location: campus.gceurope.com
  • Scanner service centres at the GC production sites

Welcome to modern dentistry

Scan Transfer Design Manufacture Deliver Place

System content

The GC Aadva Lab Scan comes with a high performance PC, a complete GC Aadva CAD software package and a GC Scan Kit – Technical data GC Aadva Lab Scan

Technical data GC Aadva Lab Scan
Number of cameras 2
Resolution 2 megapixels
Light source LED (Blue)
Positioning unit 2 axis (tilts & swivel)
Scan time single die* < 60 s
Scan time per model* 2 min
Scan accuracy* < 10 μm
Dimensions (w x h x l) 400 x 600 x 300 mm
Weight 27 kg
Power supply AC 110 / 220 Volt, 50 - 60 Hz

*Source: GCE R&D Internal tests.

The measurement specifications are average values achieved under defined measurement conditions and after precise calibration of the sensor. Accuracy and resolution are depending on the object surface and the scanning conditions.