Welcome to GC’s advanced CAD/CAM Production Centre where we offer solutions for your most complex cases.

Through years of dedicated research, our CAD/CAM system efficiently fabricates various kinds of prosthesis and applications made of an array of materials.
When you are looking for high quality products and services in CAD/CAM technology we are sure we can deliver you what you need.
Because our open system approach can handle even the most sophisticated cases.

Our implant supported constructions:

We can deliver tailor made implant supported constructions for most commonly used implant brands. Before being shipped to our customers all realisations are subject to an intensive quality control.

Aadva Implant Bar

  • Titanium grade 5 (Ti5Al4V)
  • Chrome-Cobalt

Aadva Implant Bridge

  • Available in Titanium Grade 5 , Chrome-Cobalt, Zirconium and PMMA
  • Aadva CoCr is compatible with GC Initial MC and LF and other commercially available metal ceramics with a CTE value compatible to the CTE value of our Chrome-Cobalt of 14,15.
  • Supra-constructions direct on implant level without the need for an additional abutment

Our solutions for copings, crowns and bridges:

Aadva Zr Crown, Coping & Bridge

  • High quality Zirconium resulting in optimal translucency to help restore the beauty of natural teeth

Aadva CoCr and TI Coping & Bridge

  • High qualitative non-precious alloy for ceramic veneering

Aadva Coping & Bridge

  • High qualitative acrylic for temporary prosthetics
  • Hybrid ceramic crowns and inlays

Our tailor-made abutments for most major implant systems:

Aadva Zr, TI and CoCr Abutments

  • Individualized abutments that deliver high precision with the added benefit of optimal aesthetics.
  • Our Aadva Ti abutments of Grade 5 Titanium provide excellent biocompatibility and reliable strength.
  • We offer also hybrid abutments with a TI base and an individualized ceramic superstructure

Compatible with a wide variety of implant connections

The workflow, quality above all

GC’s CAD-CAM production centre main target is to make sure you get quality results for any kind of work. Whether you deliver a physical model to start off with, or an STL file for a full digital workflow, you can rest assured that the end result will meet all your expectations, including timely delivery!

Our approach, Your advantage

Open environment

  • Link with GC Aadva IOS and Lab Scan
  • Scan data from other scanners in .stl format

High quality and precision

  • Tailored-made solutions
  • Certified ISO 13485 materials

From professional to professional

  • Technical expertise
  • Reliable service and delivery

Welcome to modern dentistry

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Our warranty

5 year

warranty for all ceramic and resin based constructions

10 year

warranty for all metal based constructions


warranty on Aadva implants