Short Implant

Conical Interface with
hexagonal internal
geometry, compatible
with all Aadva Abutments

Diameter reduced
platform switching

Optimized thread- and
implant geometry for
maximal bone to implant
contact despite short length

Rounded apex for more
security in treatment

Machined neck for
periimplantitis prophylaxis

Balanced conicity of implant
body for secure primary stability
while protecting the bone

Self tapping thread for
smooth and minimal
invasive insertion


Extend your treatment possibilities using Short implants as a viable alternative for patients with reduced alveolar bone height to avoid more invasive surgical procedures


Let more patients benefit from

  • implant solutions in cases of limited vertical bone height
  • reducing complex procedures that would require bone grafting
  • avoiding ancillary surgical interventions such as maxillary sinus lift
  • reducing time and costs of the treatment
  • better acceptability of implant treatment

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Technical and Order information:
When planning your implant treatment please consider that the Aadva Short Implant is available in two diamters, 4.2 mm and 5.2 mm. The overall length is 6.3 mm, including 0.5 mm machined angulated neck. Depending on the indicidual case and insertion preference, the required insertion depth thus is
5.8 - 6.3 mm.

Art.No Product Name
810263 Short Implant D 4.2 Narrow Connection L6.3mm
810264 Short Implant D 5.2 Regular/Wide Conn. L6.3mm
810130 Short Implant Drill D 2.7
810131 Short Implant Drill D 3.2
810132 Short Implant Drill D 3.8
810133 Short Implant Drill D 4.2
810134 Short Implant Drill Stopper for Twist Drill D 2.0